“Who will make room?
Out of a life that’s overflowing, a house that’s a squeeze.
Whose heart is afraid?
To give a spot to one who will someday become a memory.
Love will make room
Love will make possible a refuge to welcome them in
Love will make room
Love will find a spot in your heart to give them a shot
Give them a shot at love."

Above is an excerpt of the lyrics written by one of our HFG-SG parents, Hwee Ling, and "premiered" by her teen daughter at an open mic event. This is the cry of our hearts - “who will make room” for kids who need a home and a “spot in your heart” to “give them a shot at love”. (Video)


Home for Good, Singapore (HFG-SG) is a network of foster parents, adoptive parents and volunteers who are passionate about helping vulnerable children. With roots beginning in 2013 by a group of foster parents, HFG-SG is registered as a charity (UEN: 202228829D) since 28 February 2023. Currently (as of March 2023), it has a network of more than 200 people.  

It aims to:

  • make fostering and adoption a core ministry in the community,

  • raise up more foster parents to meet the needs of children and youths in out-of-home care,

  • support families with children and youths in out-of-home care to reunify with their families, and 

  • support and resource foster parents.


Chairman:                      Joseph Gan

Board Directors:            Clement Ee

                                        Jennifer Koh

Executive Director:       Wong Kuan Ying


March 2022: HFG-SG cofounder and foster parent Vivienne Ng was a winner of the SG Heroine award in the SG Women’s Festival 

January 2021: HFG-SG received the Community Care Award for supporting the homeless during the circuit breaker period


​A) Championing Fostering and Needs of Vulnerable Children

  • Monthly fostering intro tea sessions in partnership with 3 fostering agencies (Boys' Town Fostering Services, Epworth Foster Care and Gracehaven Fostering). HFG's foster parents share and encourage others

  • Championing fostering and vulnerable children through speaking at various platforms (e.g. corporate, churches), being on various forms of media, including videos, interviews via print (e.g. newspaper, magazines) and broadcasting (e.g. TV, radios)

  • Help find foster families for children from Ministry of Social and Family Development, Child Protection Specialist Centre's and other agencies when needed

B) Support Foster Families

  • ​Around 200 members who are committed to helping vulnerable children through fostering or volunteering. Share tips and help in large support groups

  • Peer-Support groups in SG to better support foster parents and volunteers through baby-sitting, respite.

  • Special Interest Groups for Special Needs, Adoption, Home for Homeless (e.g. youth or aged out from shelter), Overseas Out-of-Home-Care.

  • Personalised help to foster parents, volunteers facing stresses and crisis