It started with a group of people who felt the heartbeat of God to take care of orphans and truly believe that every child deserves to be in a loving home. They were on their individual fostering journey but somehow felt connected to a bigger picture.

On 11 September 2013, this group of people which consist of 4 core families, 2 of whom are also pastors/spouses, met up for the first time and started this fostering network. We also have a number of resource persons and other pastors who are supportive of this ministry. We strongly believe it is the church’s mandate to take care of the orphans and provide a home for them.

​​The vision of the group is :

1) To make fostering and adoption a core ministry in our local church by
a. Being a support and resource group for Christian foster parents
​b. Being intercessors for our foster children (praying for their needs)
c. Being “champions” for fostering in our own churches and the rest of the churches in Singapore

2) To raise up a pool of 500 foster parents to meet the needs of the children in care in Singapore

3) To offer to support families so that children who are in out-of-home care can be reunified with their families.

HFG-SG is modelled after the UK's Home for Good, a charity helping to find adoptive and foster homes for children in the care system. For more information on Home For Good UK, please visit their website at

Photo: HFG-SG's Founding Team