MSF and MSF-appointed Agencies

  • The MSF Fostering Scheme (Ministry of Social and Family Development)

  • Boys' Town Fostering Services

  • Epworth Foster Care

  • Gracehaven Fostering

  • PPIS (Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura) Oasis

  • Muhammadiyah Association - Project Sinar Ihsan


  • 100 Homes (A Fostering Initiative by Love Singapore)

  • Open Home Network (encourages and enables Singaporeans to open up their homes as a place of respite for people-in-crisis)


  • Christian Alliance for Orphans


  • Foster Parent Partner

  • The Forgotten Initiative (Helping to support the foster care community)

  • World Without Orphans


 (resources for active engagement)


  • Institutionalisation and Deinstitutionalisation of Children: a systematic and integrative review of evidence regarding effects on development (The Lancet)

  • The Risk of Harm to Young Children in Institutional Care (Save the Children UK & Better Care Network)


  • Relationships for Children in Care - the value of mentoring and befriending (New Economics Foundation)

  • Supporting Each Other - peer contact between foster carers (The Rees Centre at The University of Oxford)