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How You can be involved? (Responsibilities and Support)

1. Be a Foster Carer (Fostering for Christ)

Foster carers must be committed to meet the child’s needs, for shelter, food, love, education, security and an opportunity to play and interact with other children. To be a foster carer, you need to meet the following criteria:-

·        must be residents of Singapore;

·        preferably married;

·        at least 25 years old; and

·        must be medically fit to care for children

Foster carers will be given a monthly allowance to meet the needs of the child. If the child is placed in a childcare centre, MSF will foot part of the cost. Fostering Coordinators offer regular support, advice through home visits, telephone contact and training.

For more information, do check out the MSF website on Fostering Scheme.


2. Be a Befriender (Befriending for Christ)


We have a support group – Befrienders for Christ. They are part of the MSF "Enable A Family" (EAF) Volunteer Scheme. 


If you are not ready to be a longer-term foster carer, but would still like to help in this area, you can be a EAF volunteer. The EAF Volunteer Scheme aims to recruit volunteers to befriend these families as an additional support to improve their day-to-day functions.


EAF volunteers befriend families where allegations of child abuse, neglect or family violence have come to the attention of the ministry. As befrienders, the EAF volunteers will work with officers to provide support for these children and their families. The volunteers must be responsible and patient, enthusiastic about working with children, young persons and families, and able to relate well with them.


Training will be provided. In particular, you need to meet the following criteria:-


·        Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

·        At least 21 years old

·        Able to commit to at least 2-3 hours, once a week

Responsibilities of the EAF Volunteers


You will :-


·       befriend and provide educational support for children and young persons.

·       conduct weekly home visits and maintain regular contact with children, young persons and their families.

·       offer respite care for the families by bringing the children and young persons out for outings.

·       help out in activities (e.g. organise parties/group outings/other group activities),

·       bring children, young persons and their family members for medical appointments, counseling/therapy sessions as needed.


For more information, do check out the MSF website on EAF Volunteer Scheme.

3. Be a Partner

​You can help spread the message of Fostering for Christ - be it linking us to your church or hosting for a home sharing session inviting interested parties to hear about fostering. Simply drop us an email and we will take it from there! 

Alternatively, you may contact us to find out more about upcoming sharing sessions in homes or churches. Come along and invite your friends to join in too - we would love to meet you all. Even if you are not ready to be a foster parent, you can take the first step to know more, or you may know someone who is. Join our Facebook group for updates and help share posts from there!